• 1. Can I safely make a purchase through iRocketVPN?

    iRocketVPN is 100% secure. We protect your privacy as you browse, download, place an order, and make a purchase.

  • 2. What is the difference among 1-Month Plan, 1-Year Plan and Lifetime Plan?

    1-Month Plan means your license code is valid in 1 month since the day you purchase. While 1-Year Plan will be valid in 1 year. There is no time limits for Lifetime Plan. You can use it anytime you need after purchasing. All of the licenses provide the same product and features.

  • 3. How will I know that my order has been successfully processed?

    Our systems automatically send you a registration email within an hour of placing an order. Although rare, a delay is likely to be caused by email spam settings, internet or system glitches, email typos, and so on. If this happens, please contact iRocketVPN Support (support@irocketvpn.com), and your queries will be responded to within 48 hours.

  • 4. Can I cancel an order after placing it?

    iRocketVPN provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. However, there are circumstances under which refunds can be issued. For more about this, please check our Refund Policy.

  • 5. How to cancel subscription?

    Situation 1:If the product you purchased needs an account ID and password to log into to activate, then it is a membership product. You can cancel the subscription with the following steps by yourself in the iRocketVPN Memeber Center.

    Step 1. Please log into the iRocketVPN Member Center.

    Step 2. Please select My Product, and you will see all the products you purchased.AnyRecover Membership My Product.

    Step 3. Please choose the product that you want to cancel the subscription with and then click Cancel Subscription.

    Step 4. Please click Get, then your account email will receive a verification code.

    Step 5. Please enter the Verification Code and click Cancel Subscription Now. Then your subscription will be canceled.

    Situation 2:If the product you purchased is not a membership product that needs a registration code to activate, then please contact our Customer Service to cancel the subscription for you.

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