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Unleash Geo-Restricted Content

Maintain your online privacy and anonymity

  • Bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked content.
  • Masks IP address, ensuring online hidden and untraceable.
  • Offer fast and seamless browsing experiences.
  • Servers across 40+ countries with cost-effective solutions.
  • Support Windows and Android, iOS is coming soon

Stop Location Tracking

Change Your GPS Location within 1-Click

  • Modify your GPS location with Joystick in Pokemon GO.
  • Supports all popular location-based apps and games.
  • Simulate movement and GPS coordinates.
  • No rooting or jailbreaking required.
  • Compatible with All iOS & Android versions.
  • Fake GPS APK is now available! new

What media says about iRocket

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The app's functionality extends beyond mere location masking. Users can also simulate being in different cities, countries, or even on different continents, enabling them to access location-specific content or bypass regional restrictions on various applications and services.

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One of the best options is iRocketVPN, it provides exceptional speeds, reliable customer service, and trusted server connections. Users can download the free version today and increase their security in just 2 minutes!

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One of the key strengths of LocSpoof is its ability to spoof GPS locations seamlessly. Trainers can choose any location on the map and instantly transport themselves there in the game, opening up a world of possibilities. Whether it's catching region-exclusive Pokémon or participating in special events limited to certain areas, LocSpoof empowers trainers to expand their horizons.

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When it comes to enjoying Pokémon GO without the constraints of physical movement, finding a reliable solution can be difficult. However, the ultimate choice for hassle-free location manipulation resides in iRocket's LocSpoof.

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