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3 Ways to Play Pokemon GO Without Walking?


As Pokemon GO keeps gaining more fans, many players are asking, "Can I play Pokemon Go without moving or walking?" Definitely! You can totally enjoy Pokemon Go without having to move around. With busy work or study schedules, some folks may not find the time or energy to go for a walk but still want to have a good time with the game. Others live in places where it's hard to come by PokeStops and Pokemon, making it a challenge for them to progress physically in the game. Don't worry, trainers, in this article, we'll cover how to play Pokemon GO without walking outside. Let's go!

how to move in pokemon go without walking

Part 1: How to Play Pokemon GO without Walking?

1 Using a Spoofer to play Pokemon GO without walking [LocSpoof]

The simplest and safest way to play Pokemon GO without walking is by using a reliable spoofer. Today, we recommend LocSpoof for its user-friendly design and reliability, which has garnered many users and positive feedback. LocSpoof offers different modes to allow you to navigate Pokemon GO without physically moving, adjusting your speed to simulate real walking without the need for jailbreaking.

    Key Features of LocSpoof:

  • Teleport your location with just 1 click, and no need for jailbreaking.
  • Reliable and safe, ensuring no bans.
  • Compatible with various location-based apps, including Pokémon GO, Monster Hunter Now, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and more. Works on both iOS and Android devices.and more.
  • Works well with both your iOS and Android devices.

100861 Users Downloaded

The steps on how to use LocSpoof to auto walk in Pokemon GO are straightforward:

Step 1: Download and install LocSpoof. Connect your phone to a computer.

connect your device to computer

Step 2: Choose a mode and enter the destination in the search bar.

choose a mode locspoof

Step 3: Adjust the moving speed and click “Move” to auto walk in Pokemon GO.

change location move locspoof

Try iRocket LocSpoof to play Pokemon GO without moving.

2 Using a VPN to play Pokemon GO without walking [iRocketVPN]

If you're interested in moving in Pokemon GO without walking using a VPN, iRocketVPN is a reliable choice.


Features of iRocketVPN

  • Fast IP Address Change
  • Global Server Network
  • One-Click Interface for Easy Use
  • Enhanced Privacy and Security

How to Utilize iRocketVPN for Auto Walking in Pokemon GO?

Follow these steps to change your location to a specific one with iRocketVPN:

Step 1: Download and Install iRocketVPN. Begin by downloading and installing iRocketVPN on your device. This VPN client offers both free and paid versions, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Step 2: Launch iRocketVPN. Open the iRocketVPN application on your laptop or PC.

irocketvpn successfully connected

Step 3: Sign in or Create an Account. Sign in with your iRocketVPN account or create a new one if you don't have an account already.

Step 4: Choose Your Desired Server Location. Select the server location you want to connect to. With iRocketVPN's user-friendly interface, it only takes a single click to establish the connection.

irocketvpn successfully connected

Step 5: Activate Auto Walking. Once connected to the desired server location, you can initiate auto-walking in Pokemon GO. iRocketVPN ensures a secure and private online experience, protecting your data from potential threats.

Whether you're looking to enhance your gaming experience or auto-walking in Pokemon GO, iRocketVPN offers a user-friendly solution with robust privacy features.

3 Other Pokemon GO auto walker for Android [PGSharp]

Setting up Pokemon Go Auto Walk on PGSharp is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit PGSharp. Download and install it.

Step 2:Open PGSharp App:

Launch the PGSharp app on your device and sign in with your Pokemon Go account.

Step 3: Turn on the settings.

Adjust the speed to your preference (it is advisable to keep it under 30km/h to avoid being detected as cheating).

pgsharp auto walking

By following these steps, you can efficiently set up and use the PGSharp to walk in Pokemon GO without moving, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Part 2: Tricks and Tips to Avoid Getting Banned in Pokemon GO.

Rapid movement in the game can trigger a red signal to Niantic, indicating suspicious activity. Strive to simulate walking at a natural speed when using location-changing features to maintain a more authentic and undetected presence in the virtual environment. The recommended maximum speed is 4 m/s, approximately 8.95 mph. Going beyond this speed threshold may result in non-functional movement and potential consequences.

It is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from making frequent location changes within a single day while playing Pokemon GO. Engaging in such rapid changes could raise suspicions and potentially lead to the detection of cheating behavior, resulting in a soft ban.

Try iRocket LocSpoof to play Pokemon GO without moving.

Part 3: FAQs about Moving in Pokemon GO without Walking.

Can you trick Pokemon GO into thinking you're walking?

One easy method is to ride a bicycle or drive while having the app open. The advantage of this trick is that it requires significantly less physical effort compared to walking. However, be cautious, as Niantic can easily detect if your moving speed is too fast, revealing that you are not on foot. By employing a spoofer like LocSpoof, you can change your location with just a mouse click without physically moving. The moving speed can also be adjusted according to your preferences.

How to get the joystick on Pokemon GO?

You can acquire a virtual joystick on Pokemon GO by using LocSpoof. LocSpoof offers a joystick mode that mimics real movement, allowing you to play Pokemon GO without moving.

Does shaking your phone count steps in Pokemon Go?

Shaking your phone does not count as steps in Pokemon Go. The game primarily relies on GPS data and movement patterns to track distance. However, if you have Adventure Sync enabled, it can use your phone's built-in pedometer to track steps even when the app is closed. Simply shaking the phone might not provide accurate distance tracking, as the game is designed to recognize authentic walking movements. For accurate results, it's recommended to walk normally with your device in hand or pocket. Or, you can choose a spoofer like LocSpoof to help you move in Pokemon GO without walking.


With the game becoming more and more popular, now you can have a blast playing Pokemon GO without moving a simple step! Check out cool tools like LocSpoof, iRocketVPN, and PGSharp to make your Pokemon journey super smooth. So, regardless of your schedule or location, these nifty tools open up a world of possibilities. It's time to level up your gameplay, capture all those elusive creatures like Ditto , and embark on an exciting virtual adventure without leaving your comfort zone.

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