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How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon GO? [2024]


Pokemon GO players, rejoice! The ever-elusive Ditto continues to keep trainers on their toes, disguising itself as different Pokémon in the game. Catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO can be a mysterious and tricky endeavor, but fear not, fellow trainers! With a bit of knowledge and strategy, you can increase your chances of adding this shape-shifting Pokémon to your collection. Here's your comprehensive guide on how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO.

how to catch ditto in pokemon go

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Part 1. Pokemon GO Ditto Disguises List for February 2024.

The key to successfully catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO lies in knowing all of Ditto's disguises. When you encounter a Ditto in disguise, you won't see it for what it truly is at first glance. But don't be fooled! It's only after you've successfully caught the disguised Pokémon that the magic happens. So, stay updated on Ditto's current disguises, as they can change over time.

As of February 2024, here is the current list of Ditto disguises:

ditto was caught

Once you've nabbed one of these Pokémon, be prepared for a surprise. A mysterious "Oh?" prompt will appear, and your catch will transform into the elusive Ditto if luck is on your side. It adds an extra layer of excitement to your Pokemon GO journey!

Part 2. 5 Tricks to Catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO.

Now that you're aware of Ditto's disguises, you might be wondering, "How do I catch a Ditto in Pokemon GO?" No worries – we've got you covered! Want to know more tricks to enhance your Pokemon GO experience? Click on How to Cheat in Pokemon GO to learn more.

Here are five tips and tricks to make catching Ditto in Pokemon GO much easier:

Boost your chances of encountering Ditto by using items like Incense and Lures. These items attract Pokémon to your location, providing more opportunities to come across the elusive shape-shifter.

incense and lures in pokemon go

Equiped with a Pokémon Radar in the bottom right corner of your screen. Keep an eye out for Pokémon on your radar that match Ditto's disguises. If you spot one nearby, it might just be the sneaky Ditto in disguise.

pokemon radar

Ditto appears more frequently in certain weather conditions. Pay attention to the weather in-game and, if possible, use Lure Modules during weather conditions that boost Ditto's spawn rate.

pokemon go weather condition

Special events in Pokemon GO may boost the chances of finding Ditto and its shiny form. Stay tuned for announcements about events featuring the elusive Transform Pokémon. Check online forums, social media groups, or local communities to stay informed.

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With LocSpoof's Joystick Mode, catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO becomes a breeze. Navigate effortlessly through various locations, keeping an eye out for that elusive Ditto.

Here are the steps to catch Ditto in Pokemon GO using LocSpoof:

Step 1: Download and install LocSpoof. Connect your iphone/Android device to PC.

connect your phone to PC

Step 2: Switch to Joystick Mode by clicking the upper right corner. Move with just one click using the joystick for simulated GPS location.

select joystick mode

Step 3: Set your direction with 360-degree options. Click the Direction button to move forward or reverse. Change directions in real-time using keys W, A, S, D, or arrow keys.

joystick change location

Follow these 3 simple steps to use LocSpoof's Joystick Mode and simulate movement for finding and catching Ditto in Pokemon GO at your preferred speed.

FAQs about Pokemon GO Ditto Catching.

Can Ditto be hatched from eggs in Pokemon GO?

No, ditto cannot be hatched from eggs in Pokemon GO. Ditto typically appears in the wild, disguised as other Pokémon, and the only way to catch it is by encountering and capturing those disguised Pokémon.

What is so special about Ditto in Pokemon GO?

Ditto in Pokemon GO is special not just because of its ability to transform into other Pokémon, but also due to its relatively low encounter rate. With only a 3% encounter rate, Ditto is considered a rare find in the game, making it more challenging for players to come across compared to other Pokémon.

Can Ditto be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Ditto can be shiny in Pokemon GO. Shiny Ditto has a unique coloration compared to its regular form. However, it's important to note that finding a shiny Ditto is quite rare, as the shiny encounter rates are generally low for most Pokémon, and Ditto is no exception.

Where can I find a Ditto in Pokemon GO?

In Pokémon GO, Ditto disguises itself as other Pokémon, making it challenging to pinpoint its exact location. However, you can use LocSpoof to change your location and explore different areas, increasing your chances of finding Ditto in Pokemon GO.


In your quest to catch Ditto in Pokemon GO, mastering its disguises and implementing strategic tips is crucial. Stay updated on Ditto's disguises, use Incense and Lures wisely, and keep an eye on special events and communities. For a swift and efficient Ditto-catching experience, consider leveraging LocSpoof's"Joystick Movement" to navigate seamlessly through various locations. With these insights and tools, increase your chances of adding the mysterious Ditto to your Pokemon GO collection. Happy hunting, trainers!

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