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How to Cheat in Pokémon GO? | 5 Useful Tips


Ever wondered how to make your Pokémon GO adventure even more exciting? Well, some folks are curious about ways to boost their game, maybe catch more Pokémon or gain an edge. That's where cheating in Pokémon GO comes in. In this article, we'll introduce the simplist way to hack and cheat in Pokémon GO by using the location changer, and explore the tools and tricks that can level up your in-game experiences. Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon trainer or just starting out, get ready for some cool tips to make your Pokémon GO journey more fun and thrilling!

how to cheat in pokemon go

Part 1. Pokemon GO Hacks | How to Cheat in Pokémon GO?

We all know that Pokémon GO is a location-based game, where you need to move to different locations to collect Pokémon. However, going to the actual locations can be tiring and costly. Many players are wondering if there are Pokemon GO hacks and cheats to collect Pokémon without physically moving to the real location. The answer is definitely yes! Using a location changer is the right choice to cheat in Pokémon GO. Now, we present to you two third-party location changers that allow you to quickly move to your desired location without leaving your home or office.

1 Cheat in Pokemon GO Using LocSpoof:


  • Move to your desired location with just one click, no jailbreaking required.
  • Customize your speed and route methods for a personalized experience.
  • Catch more Pokémon without leaving your location in just three simple steps.
  • Access multiple modes to suit your specific requirements.
  • Compatible with all location-based apps like Tinder, Life360, and more.

100861 Users Downloaded

How to cheat in Pokemon GO with LocSpoof? Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1. Download LocSpoof and connect your phone to your computer.

connect your device to computer

Step 2. Enter your desired location in the search bar.

enter your desired location

Step 3. Click "Move". Your GPS location is now changed successfully.

click move to change your location

2 Cheat in Pokemon GO Using iTools

Follow these steps to use iTools to cheat in Pokémon GO:

Step 1. Visit thinkskysoft and click the store icon to choose "iTools."

click the store icon to choose iTools

Step 2. Download and install the chosen iTools version on your computer. Click "Virtual Location" on the page that appears.

click virtual location

Step 3. Enter the loction you desire in the search bar and click “GO”.

iTools enter address

To move to a new location, click on the iTools map in the desired area, select a new spot, and click "Move Here." This method allows you to navigate within your chosen location.

Part 2. Tools & Tricks to Cheat in Pokemon GO.

If you're a Pokémon GO player, it's essential to be aware that each Pokémon possesses three concealed stats—Attack, Defense, and Stamina—with values ranging from 0 to 15. Knowing the IVs of them helps you to determine which Pokémon has superior strength for battles and raids.

To caculate the IV, you can choose to use the online calculator "Pokémon IV Calculator".

VI calculator

Or, you can download Pokémon IV App- Jab Poke Genie, a secure and precise Pokémon assistant tool that employs both text and image recognition for accurate Pokémon IV calculations.

Jab Poke Genie

PokeHunter is a widely used Pokemon scanner, particularly popular among residents of California, Minnesota, or Oregon. This map tells you where nearby gyms are and if they have space for more Pokémon. You can use it to find the best spots for catching Pokémon and also check if a particular Gym or PokéStop is ready for a raid. It's a handy tool to make your Pokémon GO adventure more fun and strategic!


You can catch Pokémon effortlessly by using auto-catch devices, such as Pokemon GO Plusand Go-Tcha. These devices can automatically spin Pokestops and collect items, allowing you to focus on the real world. While each auto-catcher for Pokemon GO may have slight variations in operation, they generally function on the same principle.

Following are the steps to use "Pokémon GO auto catchers" :

- Power on your auto catcher.

- Enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet.

- Open Pokemon GO and tap the gear icon to access your settings.

- Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu. A list of compatible auto catchers should appear.

- Select your auto catcher (e.g., Pokemon GO Plus) from the list. After a moment, the catcher should pair with your game.

You can now exit the game, and your auto catcher should perform its intended functions.

pokemon go plus

go tcha for pokemon go

Promo codes are Niantic's way of celebrating milestones and expressing gratitude for your gameplay. The codes pop up unexpectedly throughout the year. You never quite know what rewards are coming or when they'll show up.

Here are the newest active Pokémon GO promo codes in January 2024. Be sure to redeem them as soon as possible before they expire:


How to redeem Pokémon GO codes on iOS/Android?

Android users have two options for code redemption. The first method is to use the Pokémon GO Offer Redemption site: log in, input your code, and receive a game message containing your freebies.

Or you can use the app staightforwardly: Tap the Poke Ball at the bottom of the screen. Select the Shop icon. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your code into the Promos field to claim your rewards.

For iOS users, you can only use the official Niantic rewards website to redempt.

go tcha for pokemon go

In Pokémon GO, the real-world weather conditions can have an impact on the gameplay by influencing the appearance, strength, and effectiveness of certain Pokémon. For example, you might find more Water-type Pokémon during rainy weather, or Fire-type Pokémon on a sunny day. Water-type moves may receive a boost during rainy weather.


This article provides guidance on how to cheat in Pokemon GO, highlighting the easiest method using the location changer, iRocket LocSpoof, with just three simple steps. Additionally, we offer various other tools and tricks to help you optimize your Pokémon collection and enhance your overall gaming experience.

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