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Pokemon GO: Tips For Winning Trainer Battles

Sep 21, 2023

The Pokemon GO Battle League can be a real tough ride for trainers who ain't ready to face the top dogs. But fret not, my friend! We've got some awesome tips to help you feel more at ease before you take the plunge. So hold on tight and get ready for some Pokemon GO battle tips!

Pokemon GO battle tips

Part 1. Rules of Pokémon Go Battle League

In the Go Battle League, you and your opponent will each choose three Pokémon to battle with, but the catch is that you won't know which Pokémon your opponent has chosen until the battle begins. This adds an element of luck to the battles. The objective is to defeat your opponent's Pokémon, and the first player to have all their Pokémon knocked out loses the battle. The winner will gain a higher rank and an increase in their Matchmaking Rating, while the loser won't lose rank but may lose points in their rating, especially in higher ranks.

During a set of battles, which consists of multiple matches, you can earn rewards after completing every 5 matches. These rewards are displayed on the screen under the "free" and "premium" tracks. It's important to note that once you have entered a set of battles, you cannot change your Pokémon lineup midway through.

Players can participate in up to 20 sets per day, which means a maximum of 100 battles. However, intentionally leaving a Battle League match will result in an automatic loss for that particular match in the set.

Additionally, if you experience a loss of connectivity or if the application crashes unexpectedly, you may be able to recover the ongoing game, but your opponent can continue attacking your Pokémon while you attempt to rejoin.

Rules of Pokémon Go Battle League

Part 2. Battle tips for Pokémon Go Battle League

To succeed in Pokemon Go battles, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Choose a balanced team

When entering league battles, it's important to pick a team that is well-balanced and covers a variety of types. This will give you an advantage against different opponents.

Remember type advantages

Just like in the core Pokemon games, type advantages play a crucial role in battles. Knowing which types are strong or weak against each other can help you strategize and deal more damage to your opponents.

Remember type advantages

Consider a second Charged Attack

Unlike traditional Pokemon games, Pokemon in Pokemon Go can learn both a Quick Attack and a Charged Attack. Teaching your Pokemon a second Charged Attack of a type that complements its strengths can give you an edge in battles.

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Balance offense and defense

While the goal is to defeat your opponent's Pokemon, it's important to consider both offense and defense. Use Protect Shields strategically to protect vital Pokemon, and try to force your opponents to use their shields by using Charged Attacks.

Pay attention to hidden stats

Combat Power (CP) is an important stat, but there are also hidden stats such as Attack, Defense, and HP/Stamina. Higher CP generally indicates better hidden stats, so prioritize Pokemon with higher CP.

Switch out strategically

Switching out Pokemon can give you an advantage if done strategically. Switch to a Pokemon that is neutral or strong against your opponent's Pokemon to gain an upper hand.

Tap as fast as you can

Tapping the screen rapidly during battles will make your Pokemon perform Fast Attacks more quickly and charge their Charged Attacks faster. This can give you an advantage in dealing damage.

Tap as fast as you can

Use Protect Shields wisely

Protect Shields can nullify your opponent's Charged Attacks. Consider whether it's worth using a shield to protect a Pokemon with low HP or against an attack that wouldn't do much damage anyway.

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Optimize your Pokemon's attacks

Before entering battles, use Technical Machines (TMs) to cycle through different attacks until you have the most powerful ones for your Pokemon. Having multiple Charged Attacks can also be beneficial for type advantages.

Time your Charged Attacks

Timing your Charged Attacks can be crucial. If your opponent has no Protect Shields left, it's often best to wait until their next Pokemon is released to maximize the damage.

Practice with leaders

 If you need practice, you can train with the team leaders in the battle page. This allows you to practice Charged Attacks and learn about type advantages.

Consider CP limits

Be mindful of the CP limits in each league. If you have a Pokemon with a CP of 2499, it may be best not to power it up further, as it will only be eligible for the Master League. Once a Pokemon exceeds 2500 CP, there are no limits, so you can power it up as much as you want.

Part 3. How to enhance your gaming experience in Pokemon GO ?

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Part 4. Conclusion

By keeping these tips in mind and practicing your battling skills, you can improve your performance in the Pokemon Go Battle League. You really should consider try this game changer for Pokemon Go lovers: iRocket LocSpoof.Also, be sure to check out our Pokémon GO guide of How to get rare candy! It'll be super helpful! Good luck, Trainer!

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