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2024 Best Pokemon GO Auto Walker Guide [iOS & Android]


Playing Pokémon GO is a thrilling adventure, but it often requires physically moving to real locations, which can be both tiring and costly for many players. The good news is, there are apps that can make this process easier by allowing auto-walking in Pokemon GO to specific locations for Pokémon encounters. Imagine exploring different regions, and discovering unique Pokémon like Ditto, all while comfortably seated on your couch. Excited, right? Let's explore these helpful apps together.

Try iRocket LocSpoof to Change Location in Pokemon GO without Moving!

pokemon go auto walker

The Best Pokemon GO Auto Walker for Both iOS and Android Devices- LocSpoof.

While numerous third-party apps claim to assist with auto-walking in Pokémon GO, not all of them guarantee stability and safety. Some may experience frequent disruptions in walking functionality, and others might pose a risk of information leakage. Choosing an app such as LocSpoof, known for its reliability and safety, is essential to enhance your in-game experience and steer clear of potential issues.

    Main Features of LocSpoof:

  • Teleport to any Pokémon world location without physical moving.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS, no jailbreaking required.
  • Simulate walking not only in Pokemon GO but also in other location-based apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, and more.
  • User-friendly interface for a hassle-free setup.
  • Multiple modes are tailored to meet your preferences.

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How to use LocSpoof for auto walking in Pokemon GO on iOS/Android?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Download LocSpoof and connect your phone to a computer.

connect your device to computer

Step 2: Choose a mode you prefer.

choose a mode locspoof

Step 3: Enter your destination in the search bar and click "Move" to auto walk in Pokemon GO.

teleport gps location locspoof

Now, LocSpoof can serve as an auto walker in Pokemon GO!

Try iRocket LocSpoof to Change Location in Pokemon GO without Moving!

Other Pokemon GO Auto Walkers for Android

For those seeking an auto walker for Pokemon GO on Android, PGSharp is a viable solution. It offers efficient spoofing without the need to physically move around.

How to use PGSharp to auto walk in Pokemon GO?

Following are the specific steps:

Step 1: Visit PGSharp’s official website.

Step 2: Install and open the app.

Step 3: Launch your game.

SStep 4: Locate the PGSharp icon on your home screen, tap on it, and start spoofing on your device!

auto walker android pgsharp

Yet, the significant risk of being banned by the game and potential data security concerns remain two primary considerations for many players. It's crucial to carefully weigh these factors before opting to use it for Pokemon GO spoofing on your Android device.

FeFit is another alternatives that can be used for auto walking in Pokemon GO. It is an advanced fitness-tracking app that logs various fitness activities and locations in its database. Popular among Pokemon GO players, it's valued for adjusting running speed, time, and distance without needing physical movement.

How to use DeFit to auto walk in Pokemon GO?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Get DeFit from Google Play.

Step 2: Download Google Fit.

Step 3: Log in to your Google account.

Step 4: Agree to terms and allow permissions.

Step 5: Turn on Sync Fitness Data.

log in defit

Step 6: Enable Adventure Sync in Pokemon GO settings.

turn on adventure sync

Step 7: Add active minutes, and select Speed, Steps, and Distance.

add active minutes and select speed in defit

Step 8: Play Pokemon GO while DeFit runs in the background.

DeFit is exclusive to Android devices, not available in app stores. Despite its popularity, some users face bugs while using DeFit for Pokemon GO.

FAQs about Pokemon GO Auto Walking.

1. Can you trick Pokemon GO into walking?

Yes, you can trick Pokemon GO into walking by utilizing a spoofer such as LocSpoof. This tool can simulate walking and teleport you to any location you desire within the game.

2. Can you get banned from Pokemon GO for spoofing?

Yes, Pokémon GO players who spoofing in the game may get banned by Niantic. It is indeed crucial to choose a safe and reliable app like LocSpoof and use it with caution to spoof in Pokémon GO without risking a ban. Staying within the guidelines and being mindful of the game's terms of service is essential to ensure a positive and fair gaming experience.

3. Does shaking your phone count as walking in Pokemon Go?

No, Pokemon GO primarily relies on GPS data to track your movement. Shaking your phone doesn't provide the consistent GPS signals associated with actual walking, so it is unlikely to register as valid movement in the game.


The article has told you 3 methods for auto-walking in Pokemon GO. Whether you choose LocSpoof for iOS or explore alternatives like PGSharp or Defit for Android, auto-walking in Pokemon GO opens new horizons for exploration and collection. Among the three Pokemon GO automatic walks, LocSpoof is superior in terms of ease of use, functions, and interface. So now, enjoy the Pokémon world effortlessly without walking using Pokemon GO walker LocSpoof!

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