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How to Get Remote Pokémon GO Raid Passes in 2024?


Ready for an awesome time in Pokémon GO this February 2024? It's going to be super exciting with events like the Lunar New Year festival and Road to Sinnoh. If you want to join a raid without stepping outside, you gotta have a Remote Pass. Now, you might be wondering, "How can I get a Pokémon GO Raid Pass?" Well, you're in the right place! This article reveals the methods to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO. Let's dive in and get you raid-ready without leaving your comfy spot!

how to get remote raid passes in pokemon go

Join Pokémon GO Raid Without Using a Remote Raid Pass [LocSpoof]

What is Pokemon GO Raid Pass?

A Pokémon GO Raid Pass is an in-game item used to participate in Raid Battles, which are cooperative multiplayer events in the Pokémon GO mobile game. Raid Battles typically involve players teaming up to defeat a powerful Pokémon known as a Raid Boss. To join a Raid Battle, you need a Raid Pass, and there are four main types of Raid Pass: Free Raid Pass, Premium Raid Pass, Remote Raid Pass, and EX Raid Pass.

four types of raid pass

  • Free Raid Pass: It is a ticket to join a Raid Battle. You can get one free Raid Pass by spinning the Gym's Photo Disc per day if you don't already have one.
  • Premium Battle Pass: You can buy it from the in-game Shop. It can be used to join a Raid Battle or earn premium rewards in the GO Battle League.
  • Remote Raid Pass: With a Remote Raid Pass, you can join any Raid Battle visible on the Nearby screen, viewable on the map, or via an invitation from a Friend.
  • EX Raid Pass: It can be used to join a field test for a special Raid Battle. You can use it only at the specified limited-time event.
  • How to Get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go?

    A remote raid pass is like a ticket that lets you join a remote raid. With a Remote Raid Pass, trainers can participate in various Raid Battles visible on the Nearby screen or accessible from the Map View. Following are the methods to get remote raid passes in Pokémon Go.

    1 Get Free Remote Raid Passes

    Trainers have the opportunity to get free Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go as a reward for completing Research Breakthroughs. To achieve a Research Breakthrough, one must successfully complete seven days of Field Research tasks, accessible in the bottom right corner of the Pokémon Go screen on your smartphone. However, it's essential to note that Remote Raid Passes are not guaranteed, as they are only a potential reward.

    free remote raid pass from research breakthrough

    2 Purchase Raid Passes from the In-game Shop

    Another method to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon Go is by purchasing them from the in-game shop. Additionally, players have the option to buy boxes containing the raid pass. While the contents of these boxes in the Pokémon Go Shop may change frequently, these packages consistently offer better value compared to acquiring the items separately.

    free remote raid pass from research breakthrough

    Here are the costs and contents of various boxes that include a Remote Raid Pass in Pokémon Go:


    Players can hold a maximum of three Remote Raid Passes in their inventory, and they will only be able to participate in a maximum of five Remote Raids per day.

    How to Join Pokemon GO Remote Raid without Using a Remote Raid Pass?

    After Niantic announced changes to Remote Raid Passes in March 2023, the prices for a three-pack of Remote Raid Passes were raised to 525 PokéCoins, and a single Remote Raid Pass now costs 195 PokéCoins. Many users find this adjustment frustrating and are left wondering if there are any alternatives to getting the Remote Raid Pass. >> Learn More about Pokemon GO Cheats.

    The answer is definitely "YES". iRocket LocSpoof, a third-party location changer, opens up a world of possibilities for trainers who are eager to participate in Raids beyond their local area. By utilizing LocSpoof, you can virtually transport your in-game location to any destination, allowing you to access and engage with Gyms that may be miles away.

      Highlights of LocSpoof:

      • Change Location in just 1 Click: Effortlessly switch your location to your desired spot with a single click.
      • Customizable Modes and Speed: LocSpoof offers Teleport Mode, Jump Teleport Mode, Two-spot Mode, Multi-spot Mode, and Joystick Mode to meet your specific requirements.
      • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with all location-based apps like Tinder, Hinge, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more.

      1307697 Users Downloaded

    Steps to Join Raids Without Using a Remote Raid Pass: [LocSpoof]

    Step 1: Download and Install LocSpoof. Launch it and connect your phone to your computer.

    connect your phone to pc

    Step 2: Enter your desired location in the search bar. Configure the virtual location to the desired coordinates. This could be a Gym in another city or even a different country.

    enter your desired location

    Step 3: Choose the mode you prefer and click “Move”. You can customize the mode and speed you like. Simply by clicking “Move”, your GPS location will be successfully changed.

    click Move to change your location


    In the ever-evolving landscape of Pokémon GO, mastering Raid Battles is not only about skill but also about strategic access to Raid Passes. From earning free passes through Research Breakthroughs to purchasing them in the in-game shop, trainers have multiple avenues to get Remote Pokémon GO Raid Passes. Moreover, iRocket LocSpoof provides an alternative for those seeking to explore Raids beyond their local vicinity. As you venture into the exciting world of Pokémon GO in 2024, armed with the knowledge and tools shared in this guide, you are well on your way to becoming a Pokémon GO Raid master. Embrace the challenge, catch 'em all, and let the Raid victories unfold!

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