How to Fix Runescape Old School Server Lag


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Many gamers love playing Runescape games as you don't need to maintain giant graphic cards to play the game. Instead, an average graphic card will be enough to play this game and enjoy the excitement of the game.

Unfortunately, many users have struggled with Runescape's old server lag issue and cannot get on with the game appropriately.

The worth noticing thing is that you can get rid of this situation as we'll tell you how to fix Runescape old server lag.

Part 1: How to fix Runescape old school server lag?

The best way to fix Runescape old school server lag is to use the VPNs.

Here's a list of some of the most terrific VPNs.

1 iRocketVPN to fix Runescape old school server lag

If you ask us about the best VPN that can make your job easier in knowing how to fix Runescape old school server lag issues, we can't look beyond iRocketVPN.

It is that VPN that doesn't only ensure you don't face lagging issues with the game anymore. Instead, iRocketVPN provides unbelievable security features you won't find in other VPNs.

Luckily, all the servers that iRocketVPN comes up with work consistently, and you won't have difficulty selecting any server using this immaculate VPN. So, you can try iRocketVPN to play any game, as it does offer the mind-blowing free trial version.

frame Pros

  • Effortless user interface

  • Unlimited connections

  • Mind-blowing security features

  • Brilliant free trial version

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Multiple servers from various countries

  • You can use numerous connections simultaneously

frame-2 Cons

  • Not yet

How to use iRocketVPN to stop OSRS not lag

Step 1 Launch the iRocketVPN after getting it installed from the official website.

Step 2 After logging in with the VPN account, press on the ''Quick Connect'' icon.

iRocketVPN successfully connected

Step 3 Now, you can enjoy playing the Runescape game without any lag issues.

2. ExpressVPN to reduce Runescape old school server lag

ExpresVPN is a composed and well-suited VPN if you're looking to tackle the lag issues on the Runescape old-school server.

Apart from offering brilliantly fast speed, ExpressVPN makes sure that your personal information doesn't get compromised, and not to forget ExpressVPN's ability to make you select from various servers.


frame Pros

  • 24/7 technical support

  • 7-day free trial version

  • 5 connections simultaneously

  • Outstanding DDOS protection

frame-2 Cons

  • Little bit expensive

3. Surfshark VPN to make Runescape less lag

Surfshark can be a valuable addition, especially if you're struggling to fix the Runescape old-school server lag issue.

Few things seem to stand out about Surfshark, but how this VPN provides fast speed without affecting the overall PC performance is worth admiring.


frame Pros

  • Fast speed

  • It helps you fix the lag issues on various games

  • Unlimited connections

frame-2 Cons

  • Some servers work slowly.

Part 2: Why is my OSRS server so laggy?

Before knowing how to fix Runescape old school server issue, let us talk about the main reasons behind this chaos.

1 Poor connection

Poor connection or slow internet might also prevent you from enjoying the Runescape game appropriately. So, you must look to arrange a fast internet connection to avoid having the issue you're currently struggling with.

2 Graphical issue

If your graphics server or card is outdated or your PC doesn't fulfill the requirements of the Runescape game, you're most likely to face lag issues.

3 Input lag

If your desktop relies upon a separate display, facing input lag issues is evident. This issue implies a slight delay between a graphical device transferring the frame to the display device.

Part 3: FAQs about fixing Runescape old school server lag

1 How to fix Runescape lag even the internet is fine, ping is also good

If your internet is doing fine, but you're still struggling with the Runescape lag issues, you must consider using a VPN. Doing so might assist you in getting rid of the lag issues.

2 Why is my Runescape Lagging on a High-End PC

Despite using a high-end PC, if Runescape tends to lag during the gameplay, a slow internet connection or outdated graphical card or driver might be the primary reason behind the issue.

3 How can I fix random lag spikes in Runescape

You can use a high-end PC to fix the random lag spikes in Runescape but opting for the iRocketVPN will be the most appropriate way for you. It is a brilliant VPN that helps you eliminate all the lagging issues.


Those who ask the ''how to fix Runescape old server lag'' issue can take notes from this post as we've highlighted the befitting ways to serve your purpose.

All the VPNs introduced in this post are worth your attention, but iRocketVPN is the most reliable and fast VPN

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