Free VPN For Star Citizen To Fix Lag Spikes Without Getting Banned


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Star citizen is a very well-known multiplayer, shooting, and space exploration game that is quite famous among users worldwide. But due to the star citizen lag problems and spikes in latency, users cannot thoroughly enjoy the game.

But to help all the users combat this problem, we have this guide for free VPN for star citizen lag fix that can help you fix the problem once and for all.

Part 1. Top 3 Free VPN For Star Citizen to Fix Lag Spikes?

1 iRocketVPN For Star Citizen to Fix lag

Last but not least, another very excellent free VPN for star citizens is the iRocketVPN giving private and secure access to play the game as you like. This low latency VPN provides your highest ping rates, fixing any star citizen lag problem so you can play the game without being frustrated.

This reliable VPN service provides a secure and encrypted online tunnel that protects your IP and data. The fastest and most reliable connection prevents slowing the internet connection, providing you with a smooth gaming interface.

frame Pros

  • Faster speed

  • Improves ping rate

  • Excellent security

frame-2 Cons

  • Heavy traffic slows it down

How To Use iRocketVPN To Reduce Lag in Star Citizen

First of all, install the VPN and launch the app.

After launching, the VPN will, by default, select the recommended network

Now you need to make an account after entering all the detail elt the quick connect button.

The VPN will connect to the recommended nodes.

iRocketVPN successfully connected

Now you're connected to the recommended location and can start playing the game.

One thing to keep in mind is to reduce the latency and connect with a location nearer to the game server. You can do that by changing the nodes on the server page of the VPN.

2 ExpressVPN For Star Citizen Unplayable Lag


First, we have ExpressVPN, a very well-known VPN in the gaming world and the best one for fixing gaming lag problems. A low latency game that provides a high ping rate so that you can play star citizen without any problem.

By providing you with fast-speed servers, star citizen can connect with the chosen servers reducing the lag immediately.

Install and launch the VPN and check for the server you want to use.

Register the account and launch the app

Connect to the server that you want

Make sure to use the server nearest to your game server.

And voila, no more star citizen lag problem, improved game interface, and improved ping rate.

Moreover, it allows you to choose from 160 server locations across 94 countries, meaning you can choose which suit you the best.

frame Pros

  • Secure and reliable system

  • 160 servers worldwide

  • Easy-to-use interface

frame-2 Cons

  • Less on features compared to others

3 Surfshark VPN For Star Citizen Server Lag


Another one of the best free VPNs for star citizens with the fastest speed and massive network servers. You are in it for a good play. Due to its 3200 servers worldwide, you can easily connect your star citizen game with any of the servers.

It positively affects your game because it stabilizes the connection and provides the game with a consistent ping rate. And constant ping rates mean lower latency and faster game operation. But it can cause lag If you are playing from an exceptionally far-off server instead of your local server.

Setting up this one is very easy.

Install the VPN, register your account

select the free plan and select the server

Connect the game to the server

You can change the server later if you want from the settings

there you go; you are ready for good gaming time without lag problems.

frame Pros

  • Credible servers

  • An array of servers to choose from

  • Low latency and ping rate

frame-2 Cons

  • The Mobile version of the app needs updating

  • Tend to cause leg if connected with far away server

Part 2. Can I Play Star Citizen with A VPN Without Getting Banned

Well, there is not a clear answer to this question, as it depends on the game policy and the VPN you are using. Ethically most of the game's policy states that any way of disguising your IP address, your identity, or the identity of your device is a violation of policy.

Playing with VPN can get you banned; even my users reported being temporarily/ permanently banned. But that is not the case for everyone. Some users said they are using the VPN for privacy purposes and have not encountered any problems.

Part 3. FAQ about Free VPN for Star Sitizen

1 Star Citizen Doesn't Work When Running with a VPN. What to do?

Clear your browser cache history and try reconnecting the VPN. Check whether your IP address is the same or has been changed due to connection with the VPN

It can also happen due to high ping rates; you can conduct a speed test with the VPN switched on. If you see a spike in ping rates, try to change the server location.

You can also change the VPN protocol setting to WireGaurd or Openvpn. You can go to the VPN app setting and change the protocol setting from there.

2 Can No Longer Use VPN To Download Updates. How To Fix?

First, make sure you are using reliable VPN services like the ones mentioned above. After that, you can delete the VPN and try to reinstall and relaunch it. You can also switch off the firewall from your router or contact your VPN service provider to ask for a solution.

3 If I Use A VPN, Would That Reduce the Number Of Crashes I Get While Playing Star Citizen?

Yes, If you use credible VPN services like the ones mentioned above, you reduce the chances of crashes during your star citizen gameplay. Above mentioned, all the games have the capability of lowering the game lag and are low latent VPNs providing smooth gameplay.


Game lags can be frustrating when playing star citizen, and you can prevent all this from happening by installing the right iRocketVPN services. VPNs are the tools that allow you to have a good gaming time without slowing down your internet and protect your privacy so you can enjoy as much as you want to.

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