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Complete Guide to Cooldown Rules in Pokémon GO 2023

May 26, 2023

Pokémon GO Cooldown Chart Guide: Mastering the Art of Timing Introduction Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Pokémon GO cooldown chart! In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of cooldown rules&periods in Pokémon GO, helping you optimize your gameplay and become a master trainer. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your Pokémon GO journey, understanding cooldowns is crucial for maximizing your efficiency and strategic planning.

cooldow pokemon go

Part 1. What is Pokémon GO Cooldown Time?

In Pokémon GO, cooldown is the amount of time you wait after performing certain game actions, such as spinning a PokeStop, catching a Pokémon, or fighting in a raid.

So why does the cooldown exist, or what is its purpose? In fact, the cooldown time is used by Pokémon GO to detect and prevent cheating and protect game balance so that players can have a good gaming experience.

Once the cooldown time is triggered, players must wait for the time to expire before performing the next new operation. The maximum cooldown time is two hours. Generally speaking, the length of the cooling time depends on the distance moving. The farther the distance, the longer the cooling time you need to wait. For example, if you have a gym battle at location A at 2 pm and the rule is to wait two hours after your last action, you should wait until 4 pm before taking any action at the new location (e.g. B).

Therefore, it is important to adhere to the cooldown chart, so the next paragraph will specifically describe the corresponding relationship between cooldown and distance.

Part 2. Pokémon GO Cooldown Chart to Avoid Soft Bans

To ensure you avoid incurring any soft bans, it is imperative to strictly adhere to the cooldown chart provided below. This chart correlates the cooldown time with the distance traveled. Remember, the cooldown time begins only when you perform an action that marks your location, and you must wait until the cooldown time expires before initiating any action in the new location.

The following table illustrates the cooldown periods based on the distance covered:

Total Distance Cooldown Period Total Distance Cooldown Period
1 km 30 seconds 150 km 36 minutes
5 km 2.5 minutes 180 km 39 minutes
10 km 8 minutes 200 km 42 minutes
15 km 11 minutes 300 km 50 minutes
20 km 13 minutes 400 km 56 minutes
25 km 15 minutes 500 km 64 minutes
30 km 18 minutes 600 km 72 minutes
40 km 22 minutes 700 km 80 minutes
45 km 23 minutes 800 km 86 minutes
60 km 25 minutes 1000 km 100 minutes
80 km 27 minutes 1250 km 118 minutes
100 km 30 minutes 1266+ km 120 minutes

Part 3. Best Pokémon GO Spoofer [Effortlessly Avoid Soft Bans]

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Highlights of LocSpoof :

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LocSpoof seamlessly supports both iPhones and Androids, including the latest iOS 16 and Android 13 versions. Here is a simple guide on how to use a joystick for Pokémon GO on both Android and iOS platforms:

Step 1. Download and install LocSpoof onto your computer. Then connect your phone to your computer through a USB cable or WIFI connection as prompted.

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Step 2. Click on the map or enter your desired location in the search bar. Use the Move button to select the location. You can also utilize the Teleport mode to plan and move to anywhere in the world.

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Step 3. For flexibly control your GPS with a keyboard, select the Joystick button located in the upper right corner. The GPS joystick will appear on the screen, allowing you to control your movement from that location, not your actual home.

best pokemon go joystick locspoof


If you're unsure about the location of PokéStops and Gyms, simply select the folder and choose a region from the provided list. Then, click on "Go Here," and you'll see numerous PokéStops and Gyms marked on the map.

Part 4. Actions That Trigger Pokémon Cooldown

To ensure you navigate Pokémon GO's Cooldown Time effectively, it is essential to understand which actions trigger the cooldown and which ones do not. Let's explore a comprehensive list of actions that can trigger the cooldown, potentially leading to soft bans. Remember, if you are already in a cooldown period, performing any of the following actions will reset the cooldown timer. Furthermore, if you are physically distant from the location where the cooldown period was initiated, it will also result in a soft ban.

Part 5. Actions That DO NOT Trigger Pokémon Cooldown

Tips for Optimizing Pokémon GO Cooldown Management

Now that we understand the basics of cooldowns in Pokémon GO, let's explore some tips and strategies for optimizing cooldown management:


Pokémon GO cooldown time is an essential aspect of the game that helps maintain fairness and prevent cheating. By understanding the cooldown concept, following the cooldown chart diligently, and avoiding actions that trigger cooldown, you can enjoy the game while staying in compliance with the rules.

Furthermore, LocSpoof gps location changer provides a reliable solution for those seeking to explore the game beyond geographical limitations. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, LocSpoof allows you to enjoy Pokémon GO to its fullest potential. So get ready to embark on exciting Pokémon-catching adventures while staying within the boundaries of fair play.

Download the advanced Pokémon GO Joystick right now to explore the game safely!

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