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[2023] 8 Proven Ways to Fix the "This Webpage is Not Available" Issue

Apr 14, 2023

With the growing reliance on the internet, facing errors like "this webpage is not available" can be frustrating and irritating. Whether you are trying to access some information, stream a movie, or do simple web browsing, the "this website is not available" issue can pop up at any time. However, it is a common issue millions of users face every year. That's why it is also a fixable issue. So, this article explores 8 proven ways to fix the "this webpage is not available" issue and smooth your web browsing experience like before.

Part 1. What Causes the "This Webpage is Not Available" Issue?

Before we dive deep into the solutions, it is important to know what possible reasons can lead to the "this webpage is not available" issue. Many users have reported different causes for the error. So, below are some of the common reasons behind the "this website is not available" message on YouTube or any other website:

All the above reasons can lead to the "this webpage is not available" issue. Therefore, by identifying the root cause behind the problem, you can choose the most appropriate solution accordingly. The next part discusses in detail 8 ways to fix this issue.

Part 2. How to Solve "This Webpage is Not Available" Error in Google Chrome

Now that we know the main reasons behind the "this webpage is not available" error, let's shift our focus to how to resolve it. So, below are the 8 methods that are proven to fix Google Chrome's this website is not available error:

1Method 1. Check the Website URL

The first solution is to check whether you are entering the right website URL. A single spelling mistake will not let you access the website. For example, if you enter "" instead of "", it will show the "this website is not available" error message.

So, make sure you are entering the right website URL. In case you don't know the correct URL, enter the website name in the Google search and then go to the website.

2Methods 2. Restart the Computer and Router

"Restart" is often the easiest solution to most minor connectivity or system malfunctions. Before we head to more complex solutions, let's spare a few minutes and restart the computer and router. Follow the below steps to restart your computer and router:

Step 1. Click the "Windows" icon from the bottom taskbar and click Power > Restart.

computer restart

Step 2. While the computer is restarting, locate the power button on your router and turn it off. After a few minutes, press the power button again to turn it on.

Once the computer and router are restarted, open Google Chrome and try to open the website. If you still face the same issue, then head for next methods.

3Method 3. Check your Internet Connection

It is likely that you are just having an issue with your internet connection. So, it would be best if you cleared this doubt. Try to open another website and see if it opens correctly or not. If the website opens correctly, it means your internet connection is working fine, and the issue may be specific to the website you were trying to access. However, if the other website also fails to load, then the problem is with your internet connection. If that's the case, you can connect to another Wi-Fi or use cellular data to access the website.

4Method 4. Clear your Browser Data

If your internet connection is working fine, then the "this webpage is not available" issue might be due to your browser data. Many times, the browser cookies and cache may accumulate and cause issues with the website's loading. So, if you clear your browser data, you can remove cookies and provide DNS settings a clean slate. Follow the below steps to clear the browser data from Google Chrome:

Step 1. Click the "3-dots" menu icon from the top right corner in Google Chrome and click More tools > Clear browsing data.

clear browsing data 1

Step 2. Keep the time range as "All time" and tick the checkboxes of below options:

clear browsing data 2

Once done, click "Clear data".

This way, you have cleared your browser data. Now restart Google Chrome and go to the specific website you intend to load.

5Method 5. Run the Network Troubleshooter

Windows has multiple built-in troubleshooters, which help users fix specific PC issues. Since "this website is not available" is likely linked with the network, you can use the network troubleshooter to identify system misconfigurations or issues causing the problem. Follow the below steps to run the network troubleshooter:

Step 1. Type "Troubleshoot settings" in the search box and click the best match option. troubleshooter 1

Step 2. Click "Other troubleshooters".

network troubleshooter 2

Step 3. Click the "Run" button next to "Internet Connections".

network troubleshooter 3

This way, your system will run the network troubleshooter and look for possible network-related issues in your system.

6Method 6. Flush DNS

A DNS cache is a temporary database that holds the record of your recent visits or attempted visits to websites. Deleting the DNS cache is another recommended way to fix the "this website is not available" issue. Follow the below steps to flush DNS:

Step 1. Type "command prompt" in the search box and click "Run as administrator" for the best match option.

flush dns 1

Step 2. Type the below commands one by one and hit "Enter" after each command:

flush dns 2

Once you have executed the above commands, close the Command Prompt and refresh the webpage to see if it opens correctly.

7Method 7. Use a Different DNS Server

Sometimes the default DNS server from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be causing the "this webpage is not available" issue. Since the DNS server handles every request between your computer and the internet, it should remain stable for a smooth browsing experience. Therefore, it is recommended to change the DNS Server to any of the public DNS services to see if it fixes the problem. Follow the below steps to change the DNS server:

Step 1. Type "network connections" in the search box and click the best match option.


Step 2. Right-click the current connection type (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and click "Properties".


Step 3. Look for the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" option and make sure the checkbox is ticked. Once done, click the "Properties" button.

dns server 3

Step 4. Select "Use the following DNS Server addresses" and enter one of the below DNS server addresses:

dns server 4

Step 5. Tick the "Validate settings upon exit" checkbox to avoid restarting your computer.

dns server 5

Once done, you have successfully changed your DNS server. Now open Google Chrome and try to load the website.

8Method 8. Disable Proxy Server

Maybe you have used proxies with Google Chrome and forgot to remove them. So, if you think it might be an issue in your case, then follow the below steps to disable the proxy server:

Step 1. Type "internet options" in the search box and click the best match option.

disable proxy server 1

Step 2. Go to the "Connections" tab and click "LAN settings".

disable proxy server 2

Step 3. Make sure the checkbox below the "Proxy Server" section is unchecked.

disable proxy server 3

If it was enabled previously and is now disabled, then you most likely have fixed the issue.

Part 3. Quick Solution: Try VPN Service and Refresh Your Browser

It is possible that the website you are trying to visit is unavailable in your country. If none of the above methods resolve the issue, figure out if the website is unavailable in your location. The best way to do this is via "VPN".

A VPN changes your server location to a different country and encrypts your online activities, making you anonymous. This way, you can easily check whether the issue is due to the geo-restriction of the webpage.

There are many VPNs that can assist you, but it is recommended to choose a VPN that offers multiple virtual locations to choose from with super-fast internet speed. This is exactly what iRocketVPN has to offer.

iRocketVPN is a powerful and instant VPN service that offers the fastest servers, unlimited bandwidth, and dozens of virtual locations with its servers in 40+ countries. With iRocketVPN, you can instantly connect to a different virtual location with just 1-click and start browsing right away. Moreover, it also offers military-grade encryption, making your online activities untraceable. Follow the below steps to try iRocketVPN for free and solve the "this webpage is not available" issue:

Step 1. Download, install, and launch iRocketVPN on your PC.

Step 2. Register an account with iRocketVPN.

Step 3. Click the "Quick Connect" button to connect to the recommended virtual location.

install imyfone irocketvpn

This way, you can instantly connect with iRocketVPN. Now refresh your browser and see if the website loads successfully now.


This webpage is not available is a common issue faced by internet users. Whether it's the internet connection, a problem with DNS, geo-restriction, or any other reason, this issue can arise anytime to anyone. By following the above 8 methods, you can most likely fix the problem. However, it is recommended to try and use a VPN first to see if it isn't a geo-restricted website. So, download iRocketVPN for free right now and solve the issue.

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