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The iSpoofer Shutdown: Exploring Alternatives for Pokemon GO Spoofing


Are you a dedicated Pokémon GO player looking for ways to enhance your gaming experience? If so, you may be familiar with iSpoofer, a popular third-party app that allowed players to change their location and gain advantages in the game. However, iSpoofer has been shut down due to violations of Pokémon GO's terms and conditions. This left many players wondering how they could continue to enjoy the game and explore new Pokémon.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Pokémon Go spoofing and provide you with the best alternatives to iSpoofer. We'll discuss why ispoofer got shut down, and introduce you to the safest and most reliable alternatives available in 2023. So, let's dive in and discover how you can continue your Pokémon Go journey with the help of safe and reliable spoofing techniques.

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In this article:

Part 1: What is iSoofer?

iSpoofer is a third-party application for playing Pokémon GO to change GPS location. It allows users to spoof their GPS location, which means they can manipulate their in-game location to catch Pokémon and access in-game features from anywhere in the world, without physically being present at those locations. This can provide players with certain advantages and convenience.

Pokémon GO spoofing is the act of changing your device's GPS location to trick the game into believing you are in a different location. This allows you to explore different areas, catch Pokémon not available in your region, and participate in exclusive in-game events.

iSpoofer is popular among players who want to quickly level up, complete quests, and collect rare Pokémon without leaving their current location.

Part 2: Is iSpoofer shut down? and why?

Recently, we have seen a lot of talk about iSpoofer from many reddit posts, saying that iSpoofer has been shut down, and one of the users who purchased and used iSpoofer also mentioned that his renewal subscription plan was officially canceled because the product was moved. Except it’s been taken off the iSpoofer. Judging from its official website, which is currently inaccessible, and combined with user comments on reddit, iSpoofer is shutting down now.

reddit post on ispoofer shut down

ispoofer officially shutting down

So why is it closed?

iSpoofer's shutdown was actually a direct result of its violation of Pokémon GO's terms and conditions. This excessive phenomenon of cheating GPS location not only undermines the integrity of the game, but also creates an unfair playing field for legitimate players. Niantic took action to preserve the fairness and competitiveness of Pokémon GO by shutting down iSpoofer and punishing players for using the app. This includes banning or suspending their account, effectively preventing them from accessing the game.

Part 3: The best alternative of iSpoofer Pokemon GO

With iSpoofer no longer available, Pokémon GO players were left searching for alternative spoofing tools. Many players were eager to find a safe and reliable option that would allow them to continue exploring the game and catching rare Pokémon. After extensive research and testing, we have identified the best alternative of iSpoofer: LocSpoof.

Introducing LocSpoof

LocSpoof from iRocket is a professional spoofing tool that provides Pokémon GO players with the ability to change their location with just a single click. It offers a wide range of features that make it a suitable replacement for iSpoofer. LocSpoof not only allows you to change your location but also provides additional functionalities that enhance your Pokémon GO experience.

LocSpoof offers a range of features that make it a powerful and reliable tool for Pokémon GO spoofing:


Why choose LocSpoof :

  • Robust Security: Unlike iSpoofer, LocSpoof has implemented strong security measures to avoid detection by Niantic's anti-cheat mechanisms. This ensures that your account remains safe while playing Pokemon GO with LocSpoof.
  • Simulate GPS movement for your Pokémon GO trainer along customized routes.
  • Take complete control of your location with 360-degree movement.
  • Seamlessly teleport your GPS location to any place in the world.
  • Compatible with all location-based apps, including Pokémon GO, Snapchat, and Find My.
  • Utilize the cooling timer feature to prevent soft bans in Pokémon GO.
  • LocSpoof supports iOS 17.
  • Regular Updates: The developers of LocSpoof are committed to keeping the software up to date, ensuring compatibility with the latest Pokemon GO versions.

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How to use LocSpoof to change GPS location when playing Pokemon GO

Using LocSpoof is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Step 1: Install and Launch LocSpoof: Once the installation is complete, launch the LocSpoof app on your device.
  2. connect your device to computer

  3. Step 2: Connect Your Device: Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer.
  4. connect your device to computer

  5. Step 3: Choose a Location: After establishing the connection, you can choose a location within the app. Select your desired location, and LocSpoof will simulate your device's GPS coordinates accordingly.
  6. best pokemon go joystick locspoof

Note: If you are an Android user, you can download the APK on your phone and simply control your GPS all from your mobile phone.

Part 4: Conclusion

In conclusion, the shutdown of iSpoofer may have been disappointing for Pokémon GO players who relied on the app for spoofing. However, with the introduction of Pokémon GO Spoofer LocSpoof players now have a reliable alternative that offers a range of features to enhance their Pokémon GO experience. Remember to use spoofing tools responsibly, stay updated on the latest guidelines, and enjoy the exciting world of Pokémon GO while respecting the rules set by Niantic. Happy spoofing!

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