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All you need to know about Monster Hunter Now weapons

Sep 18, 2023

The launch of Monster Hunter Now has undoubtedly brought a wave of excitement among players. The prospect of fighting monsters, and honing one's skills as a hunter is truly exhilarating. But before you roll up your sleeves, it's essential to have a good understanding of your weapons. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary knowledge about Monster Hunter Now weapons that you need to know.

Monster Hunter Now weapons

Part 1. How to unlock all weapon types in monster hunter now

To begin with, you’ll only have access to the Sword and Shield, albeit with multiple variations by forging together parts from slaying large monsters. After you complete the first stage of "Chapter 2: Shimmering Swamp" in the main story, the Great Sword is unlocked.

Through chapter 3-1 quest, you unlock the rest of the weapons so far (Bow, LightBowgun, LongSword, Hammer).

unlock weapons Monster Hunter Now

The number of weapons in the Monster Hunter series may not be as abundant as in previous games, but you can still find ones that suit your playstyle and become incredibly powerful by improving your proficiency. Additionally, Niantic and Capcom have confirmed that new weapon types will be introduced to the game through a "season system." So, if you're familiar with the main series, hopefully, your favorite weapons will be added in the near future.

Part 2. How to choose and how to use Weapon in Monster Hunter Now

By diving into this section, you will uncover the purpose behind each type of weapon and learn the best ways to wield them. You'll discover the true essence of each weapon and master the art of their manipulation. So, grab a seat and get ready to embark on this journey towards becoming the ultimate weapon master!

1 Sword and Shield

Let’s starting off with the one you will get first: sword and shield. This weapon is exceptionally versatile and quick, you will always able to dodge, because the animation of attack is short, this is really important for the beginners because In the early stages of a game, your health points are extremely valuable.

Basic attack chain for Sword and Shield is 7 hits, 4 sword hits , 3 shield hits. when you do block, no matter you successfully garden an attack or not, you can do shield bash combo follow up. Just start guarding and pull your finger down and then release, you will do the move without actually blocking an attack. It’s a really strong hit, just choose the timing carefully while the animation is long.

The perfect dodge of Sword and Shield will give you a small hit with decent damage, it’s reasonable while you can make perfect dodge easily with sword and shield.

Sword and Shield Monster Hunter Now

2 Great Sword

The main characteristic of a greatsword is its high damage output, and to unleash its full potential, you need to hold down to charge.

Let go when the light effect is the biggest (3rd time) and let go to do the most dmg. You are very vulnerable while charging so you can cancel charge by swipe side /back to evade attack, but doing so interrupt your attacking actions. You may find it more difficult to dodge when facing highly mobile enemies, resulting in taking more damage. To effectively use this weapon, it is crucial for you to have precise timing when launching your attacks.

If you're unable to perform a level 3 charged attack (indicated by a white flash), consider executing a level 2 charged attack instead. The safest position to be in is when you're holding and charging, as it gives you the flexibility to choose between striking, performing a shoulder tackle, or evading through a dodge (iframe).

Sword and Shield Monster Hunter Now

3 Bow

The Bow is another ranged weapon that offers a mix of mobility and precision. It allows for quick and continuous attacks, making it suitable for players who prefer a fast-paced and agile playstyle.

There are four levels of charge and three different types of shots: Rapid, Spread, and Pierce. The type of shot you can use depends on the level of charge and the bow you are using. To charge a shot, simply press and hold. When you're ready to fire, release your finger. If you want to unleash a powerful shot immediately at the same charge level, just tap again for a power shot.

If you do a perfect dodge, by doing a charge side step, it automatically puts you to the highest charge level and then let’s lose.This is your highest damage move outside of your SP.

Monster Hunter Now Bow

4 Hammer

The Hammer is a blunt weapon that specializes in dealing impact damage. It excels at stunning monsters and breaking their parts. With its high mobility and powerful charged attacks, the Hammer is great for players who enjoy a hit-and-run playstyle. It's also effective at dealing damage to a monster's head, potentially knocking them out or staggering them.

Standing: perform a three-tap combo, with the third tap being a golf swing.

After dodging: execute a four-tap combo consisting of a quick side hit, followed by two overhead swings and one golf swing.

For charging attack, charge 1 results in a side swing, and tapping again will trigger another side swing. Charge 2 performs an upswing, while charge 3 combines an upward swing when standing and a downward swing when running. Perfect dodge followed by a tap will do a golf swing.

Monster Hunter Now Hammer

5 Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is a ranged weapon that offers versatility and mobility. It allows you to attack from a distance while maintaining mobility, making it suitable for players who prefer a more tactical and strategic approach. Light Bowguns can use various types of ammunition, such as normal shots, elemental shots, and status shots, allowing for different playstyles and strategies.

Monster Hunter Now Hammer

6 Long Sword

The Long Sword is a versatile weapon that offers a mix of speed and power. It allows for fluid and fast-paced combos, making it suitable for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

The Long Sword also has a unique mechanic called the Spirit Gauge, which, when filled, enhances your attacks and unlocks powerful finishing moves. If you enjoy a dynamic and stylish combat style, the Long Sword is worth considering.

Long sword iai slash which is activated by pressing and releasing just before a hit. You can also slide backwards for the foresight slash which does counter if timed correctly.

Your gauge increases damage done and it is built up by doing damage and landing successful counters, it does drop when you take a hit however. When it is nearly full you'll get the red glow at this point if you perform an iai slash you can tap again to go into a "Spirit Helm Breaker".

 Long Sword


One additional tip for ranged weapons. In the top right of a hunt is a button that changes your Gyro controls from full to semi and back. When you're learning the game, use Semi as it closely tracks the monster with small adjustments needed. Once you're comfortable, switch to Full! It allows you to precisely target certain spots like heads, limbs, and tails. It's a much higher skill ceiling with a great reward!

Part 3. Weapon Spacial Skills

When you level up a weapon to level 2, you will unlock a special skill, Each weapon type has one of their own.

  • Sword and Shield: "Perfect Rush Combo", when youe gauge is full press the button to start and you will do a combo while invulnerable to damage.

  • Great Sword: "True Charged Slash",an instant fully charged ture charge slash.

  • Bow: "Dragon Piercer" uses all of the Hunter’s might to release an arrow that can pierce through anything, yielding significant damage to monsters when used.

  • Hammer:"Spinning Bludgeon" continually deals damage while you swing the hammer around before ending in a powerful upper attack.

  • Light Bowgun:"Wyvernblast Counter" fires a powerful bullet that causes a large explosion and can deal great damage to monsters.

  • Long Sword: "Spirit Helm Breaker", causes a large amount of damage with a jumping and slashing attack from the sky. You can build up your sp on trashy monsters and start a fight with the special attack which will quickly lead to a full gauge and normal helmbreaker.

    Part 4. Element of weapon

    Before finding your main weapon, it is safer to refrain from crafting any weapons with attributes. This way, you can develop your weapon arsenal more quickly and effectively. Once you have decided on the type of weapon you want to play with, you can then collect the relevant materials and craft elemental weapons.

    Just keep in mind that in most cases, you'll still need a variety of elemental weapons for different kind of enemy.

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    If you put all your eggs in one basket and rely solely on, for example, a Thunder weapon, you'll find yourself caught in a web of frustration when you come face to face with Diablos. Diablos' formidable HP stands as an insurmountable obstacle, preventing you from vanquishing it within the given time constraints.

    Part 5. How to have a better gaming experience

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    Part 4. Conclusion

    In this article, we've provided you with a detailed introduction to Monster Hunter Now weapons and game strategies. In The ULTIMATE Guide to Monster Hunter Now we've got you covered with even more detailed information, check it out! We believe that you'll find it incredibly helpful and gain some newfound knowledge. Also you can use our iRocket LocSpoof Location Changer, to significantly enhance your gaming experience.

    So, gear up, sharpen your blades, and prepare to embark on an epic adventure in the world of Monster Hunter Now. May your hunts be successful, your skills be honed, and your triumphs be legendary. Happy hunting!

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