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[2023] Best VPN For PUBG Crate Opening


VPN provides an encrypted server on which your IP address is hidden from the server hosts. It is quite helpful for PUBG crate opening as you can choose the desired location.

This article will guide you through all the PUBG crate-opening techniques with or without a VPN. You will get the best guidance to win exciting prizes from the crate opening.

Part 1. 3 Best VPN For PUBG Crate Opening And Guide How To Use It

A VPN connects you to the desired region with an anonymous identity. In gaming, we usually use VPN for low pings and to play without lag. But in PUBG, you can also use VPN to select the desired region and win exciting prizes. You can win premium costumes and skins from crates by using the best VPN.

The three useful VPNs are mentioned below:

1 iRocketVPN-Fastest VPN For PUBG Mobile Crate Opening

PUBG Mobile is an incredible gaming platform. The players are very greedy for skins and premium items. So, iRocketVPN, ultimate online security solution provides you with the fastest speed for crate opening in PUBG Mobile. iRocketVPN has a higher success rate of getting premium skins in PUBG. It provides no lag services, so you can keep playing PUBG Mobile smoothly. The top servers from which you can probably get the most premium skins are:

iRocketVPN has the best security features. It provides military-grade encryption to the user. It protects your private information from cyber predators and hackers. When you are on any public Wi-Fi, nobody can access your IP information because iRocketVPN protects it as a responsibility.

best free VPN for windows iRocketVPN

It keeps you safe from getting viruses and malware. It rapidly masks your IP address when you connect it. You can also stream PUBG Mobile gameplay without facing any lag issues.


  • It offers the best P2P support.
  • iRocketVPN has unlimited bandwidth and the fastest servers.
  • You can connect multiple devices at a time.
  • You have access to all the blocked contents.
  • It will protect your passwords and banking information.


  • Limit of 5-minute usage on the free version.

How To Use iRocketVPN For PUBG Crate Opening?

The steps to use iRocketVPN are as follows:

irocketvpn successfully connected

You can also choose any server and connect it to enjoy a faster network.

2 ExpressVPN-Best VPN For PUBG Crate Opening with Low Ping

Express VPN is one of the best VPNs, and it can break all kinds of region-blocked content. It can provide you with a safer environment for browsing. It does not compromise the browsing speed.


The crate opening in PUBG through this VPN is excellent because it provides a low ping. So, a user will have more chances to win the latest items.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of Express VPN.


  • It provides a high-speed network across all servers.
  • It has low pings and quicker results.
  • It provides a high-security network.


  • It has a high cost compared to other VPNs.
  • It does not have streaming servers at all.

3 SurfsharkVPN- PUBG Mobile Crate Opening Trick Using VPN

Surfshark VPN is well known for not storing your activity logs. They claim that if their VPN drops, then you will not suffer from getting your data exposed. It cares about your privacy and protects your IP address.

The best feature is that you can use this VPN on multiple devices for the crate opening with different regions. Surfshark VPN breaks all the geo-restrictions to provide you with better results.


The pros and cons of Surfshark VPN are as follows:


  • It offers an affordable monthly subscription plan
  • It has 24/7 customer support.
  • It has almost 3200+ servers.
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.


  • You can face higher lag issues.
  • Slower speed because of busy servers.

Part 2. PUBG Crate Opening Tricks-Without VPN

Most people find it irritating to get a useless thing in a crate opening, but you can use tricks to legendary items quickly.

There are a few crate-opening tricks to get legendary and mythic items. Let’s look at how to get premium items in PUBG mobile easily.

Part 3. FAQs About VPN For PUBG Crate Opening:

1 How to open crates in PUBG?

Combine all the coupons to get the crate first. Go to the “Crates” icon and click “Open Now.” You can also open crates by spending UC.

2 Which is the best server for PUBG crate opening?

Europe is considered the best server for crate opening because it has a higher success rate of getting premium skins.

3 Which country VPN is best for PUBG crate opening?

USA VPN works successfully in getting mythic items in crate opening in PUBG. You will always get a rare item once after 7-10 tries.

4 What is the best time to open PUBG crates?

Always try to open crates after 12:00 PM. You will probably get worthy items easily.


PUBG Mobile is trendy nowadays, and people find it satisfying to get mythic supplies for better streaming performance. You have a high probability of winning your loveable items using a VPN. The best VPN for it is iRocketVPN. It offers a fast opening, the best servers, and a higher success rate. We recommend that you must use iRocketVPN for a better gaming experience and faster gameplay without facing any lag.

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