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8 Best Pokemon Go Walking Hack in 2023 [Can't Miss]

Jul 21, 2023

Are you an avid Pokemon GO player eager to level up and catch rare Pokemon without spending endless hours walking around? Look no further! In this article, we're going to present the ultimate Pokemon GO walking hack that will not only save you time, but also enhance your gaming experience. Say goodbye to wandering aimlessly and let's dig into this innovative solution that will make you a Pokémon Master in no time!

best pokemon go walking hack

Part 1. What You Need to Know About Pokemon Go Walking Hack

Pokémon Go walking hacks are software modifications or third-party apps that manipulate the game's GPS tracking system to simulate movement without physically walking. These hacks enable players to cover greater distances in the game without leaving their actual location, effectively bypassing the need for real-world exploration.

Several Pokémon Go walking hacks exist, including GPS spoofing, which allows players to set a fake GPS location, giving the illusion that they are walking around various places in the game. Another method involves using automated bots that control the player's movements within the app without any physical effort.


Please use a reliable location spoofer in case Niantic catches you.

Part 2. The Best Pokemon Go Walking Hack [1-Click Solution]

If you are an avid Pokemon Go player, you know that exploring the world and catching Pokemon in different locations is a vital part of the game's experience. However, physical limitations and time constraints can sometimes hinder players from fully enjoying the game.

Fortunately, there's a game-changing solution known as iRocket LocSpoof that allows trainers to walk virtually in the game, opening up a world of possibilities and enhancing your Pokemon Go adventure. Now, we'll explore the benefits of iRocket LocSpoof and how it can revolutionize your Pokemon Go experience.


Highlights of LocSpoof :

  • Simulate GPS movement for your Pokémon GO trainer along customized routes.
  • Take complete control of your location with 360-degree movement.
  • Seamlessly teleport your GPS location to any place in the world.
  • Compatible with all location-based apps, including Pokémon GO, Snapchat, and Find My.
  • Utilize the cooling timer feature to prevent soft bans in Pokémon GO.
  • Enjoy a free trial accessible to all users.

1282981 Users Downloaded

LocSpoof seamlessly supports both iPhones and Androids, including the latest iOS 16 and Android 13 versions. Read on to spoof in Pokémon Go within 1 click.

1For Android Users

Step 1. Download and install iRocket LocSpoof on your Android device.

Step 2. Choose your desired location and modify your GPS coordinates by simply clicking on the map to select a location (e.g., from LA to New York).

Step 3. You have successfully changed your location.


You can check in Google Maps to verify if the location has been modified

change geolocation on-android with locspoof apk

2 For iOS Users

Install and Launch LocSpoof: Once the installation is complete, launch the LocSpoof app on your device.

connect your device to computer

Connect Your Device: Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer.

connect your device to computer

Choose a Location: After establishing the connection, you can choose a location within the app. Select your desired location, and LocSpoof will simulate your device's GPS coordinates accordingly.

best pokemon go joystick locspoof

Part 3. 8 Ways to Reduce Pokemon Go Walking

While walking is an integral part of the game, there are several creative and fun ways to enhance your experience and increase your chances of encountering rare creatures. In this article, we'll explore 8 exciting Pokémon GO walking tips that are sure to enhance your experience.

1 Attract Pokémon With Incense Obtained From Pokéstops

Incense is a valuable in-game item that attracts wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes. To use it effectively, find a comfortable spot with a good GPS signal and activate the Incense from your inventory. As you walk around, Pokémon will be drawn to you, increasing your chances of encountering both common and rare species. This is especially handy when exploring less-populated areas with fewer Pokémon spawns.

Steps on How to Use Incense to Attract More Pokémon to Your Location:

pokemon go incense

2 Add a Lure Module to a Nearby PokéStop

Lure Modules work similarly to Incense but are placed on PokéStops to attract Pokémon for all nearby players to enjoy. Utilize this feature when you and your friends gather at a PokéStop or when you spot an active Lure Module on the map. Lure Modules last for 30 minutes, providing an excellent opportunity to discover an array of Pokémon while socializing with fellow trainers.

pokemon lure module

3 Play Pokémon Go in a Friend’s Car

play pokemon go in cars

While walking is the core concept of Pokémon GO, you can still participate if you find yourself in a car (as a passenger) driven by a friend. The game recognizes your movement, allowing you to encounter Pokémon and spin PokéStops along the way. However, ensure your safety by keeping your eyes on the road and not playing while driving.

4 Using Pokémon Go Accessories

pokemon go accessories

To enhance your Pokémon-catching experience, consider investing in compatible game accessories. For instance, the Pokémon GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus allows you to catch Pokémon and spin PokéStops with a simple button press, reducing the need to keep your phone unlocked while walking. These accessories prove particularly useful during long walks or when you're trying to conserve battery life.

5 Play Pokémon Go on a Bike or Skateboard

play pokemon go on a bike

Incorporate your exercise routine with Pokémon GO by riding a bicycle or skateboard while playing. The game recognizes the increased speed, and while it's not as slow as walking, it still allows you to encounter Pokémon, hatch Eggs, and spin PokéStops. Just ensure you remain aware of your surroundings and follow traffic laws to stay safe.

6 Use a Roomba to "Cheat" Pokémon GO

While using a Roomba to catch Pokémon might not be the most conventional method, it can be a fun and quirky hack. Simply attach your phone to a Roomba and set it on a cleaning spree in your house or apartment. As the Roomba moves around, your in-game avatar will follow, registering the movement as steps, which can contribute to hatching Eggs or earning Buddy Candy.

7 Pokémon GO Walking Hack via Turntable

pokemon go walking hack via turntable

For a creative walking hack, place your phone on a turntable or a record player set to the lowest speed. The rotation will be detected by the game, and your avatar will receive walking credit, allowing you to hatch Eggs or progress in your Pokémon Buddy system. Remember, while this trick can be amusing, it's essential to balance it with real physical activity for a more authentic experience.

8 Create a Model Railroad to Play Pokémon Go

If you're looking for a way to quickly hatch Pokémon eggs in Pokémon GO without walking for miles, we've got an exciting solution for you! By building a miniature railway out of miniature trains, you can hatch eggs in no time. That's it:

Before starting the miniature railway, make sure the train is running at a controlled and slow speed. The idea is to trick Pokémon GO into registering the motion as walking, thereby hatching your eggs in the process.

Part 4. FAQs About Pokemon Go Walking Hack

1 Can I use Pokémon GO Walking Hack on any device?

Walking Hack is mainly based on GPS tracking and motion detection systems utilizing cheating games. As long as your device is compatible with Pokémon GO, you can try to hack it. We recommend using iRocket LocSpoof, which allows you to catch Pokémon safely and effortlessly.

2 Will Niantic ban my account if I use the Pokémon GO Walking Hack?

Niantic takes a very strict stance on the use of third-party applications or exploits to gain an unfair advantage in games. So it's important to use a reliable location changing tool, you can download iRocket LocSpoof for easily catching Pokémon

3 Is there any other way to hatch eggs other than Pokémon GO Walking Hack?

Yes, there are legitimate ways to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO without using hacks. Players can do this by walking, running, or cycling while the app is active. Additionally, some Pokémon GO accessories such as Pokémon GO Plus or Poké Ball Plus can help you hatch eggs more efficiently by tracking your movement.


In conclude, Pokemon GO walking hack - iRocket LocSpoof is undoubtedly a game changer for Pokemon Go lovers, allowing them to enter the world of Pokemon beyond physical limitations. Its ability to simulate walking and manipulating in-game locati ons offers players many benefits, from exploring new areas and efficiently hatching eggs to participating in exclusive events and raids.

If you're ready to embark on a Pokemon Go adventure, consider the iRocket LocSpoof your passport into the vast world of Pokemon!

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